What Would You Do?

Posted by Big Daddy Paul in Paul is a Dork

I met up with my friend Betsy at a park today.  Betsy and I get along well, our kids really got along really well and the playdate was really fun.  Sadly,though, at the end of our playdate, I was thrown from play date dad into a moral conundrum. After I put Malcolm into his car seat, a man walked up to our car and asked if he could use my cell phone to call his wife.  I had a million outs as to why I couldn’t let him: it was late and Malcolm needed to get going, it was hot and I didn’t want to leave Malcolm in a hot car, I love my cell phone and I get nervous when Amy uses it, to name a few. For whatever reason, I got out of the hot car and handed him my phone. 

I am inherently distrustful of strangers, and I fully expected him to run off with my beloved Iphone as soon as I handed it to him.  I stood close to him, just to let him know that he was not going to run off with my precious without a race.  (I later realized that my thought that I would have run after him would have been hilarious, as what the hell would sad old Paul done with a phone robber after he caught him and tackled him in the parking lot of a local park!) Even with me standing inappropriately close, he called his wife and spoke to her.  The conversation was in Spanish, so I couldn’t fully understand what they talked about.  I could definitely tell that he was getting his ass handed to him for doing something wrong, and those were the best words that I did not understand that I had ever heard.  (Either that or my broken Spanish blinded me to the fact that he ordered some lumber from Home Depot and the wood had not arrived yet.)  The guy handed me the phone back, and, when I finally started breathing again, I was glad to retrieve my phone.

Sure it was a risky; I risked not getting my phone stolen , and also risked seeming like a complete asshole who won’t help a guy tell his wife that he has spent the afternoon at a local sports bar.  In the end, I took the risk, hoping to help out a random stranger.  Good or bad, I wanted to live in a world where we help each other out, even when you have no invested reason to.    My question to you is, would you all have done the same, or do I have some serious attachment issues with my cell phone? Lemme know.