Q & A, Week 2

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So, it looks like if I get enough questions every week, I will be able to make friday’s post a response to all of your queries. This, of course, depends on people continuing to submit questions, though. If I have to make the stuff up, you will have to endure both the questions I create for myself and the stupid answers I come up with. Trust me, you don’t want that.

Amy upstairs asks, “What do you do if you’re at a park, it’s lunchtime, and you’ve forgotten the backpack with the food in it?”

This has NEVER happened to me, though I can always empathize with parents who are less awesome than I. This is where you have to use your kid as an asset. Approach all the other parents that are eating at the park and beg for food, using your child as a prop. For the best results, use the words “diabetic” and “glycemic coma.”   If things get really dire, tree bark and dandelions have nutritional value. Wild mushrooms do too, but  avoid them unless your child is misbehaving and you want to send them to the ICU.

Brad in the sticks asks, “Where can I get Moonlight beer in bottles?”

Everywhere! Tonight, ake a bottle of beer outside and hold it up against the moon. Bang! Moonlight beer in a bottle. You are welcome. (That is the only way to get moonlight beer in a bottle, as the Moonlight label is only sold in kegs.) Very soon our stay-at-home dads group will be brewing their own beer, and will make all other beer obsolete. Fret not.

Jean in Reno asks, “Are there any inexpensive places to play golf in Palm Springs?”

Can we get an Orange Julius at the turn?

Palm Springs is quite pricey and golf there usually costs in the $100-$200 range. There are some non-tradional golf venues though that can cut down on the costs. On option is the mall, where the other golfers may technically be “shoppers.” I am pretty sure they are cool with this at Valley Mall in High Desert Springs, as long as you yell, “Fore!” when coming close to the blue haired power-walking crowd. Another option is to drive out into the desert and wander aimlessly looking for the ball you just hit. Careful, though, as the rattlesnakes will try and kill you. A third option is golfnow.com which carries discount tee times for regulation golf courses.  That is the easy way out though.

OK, have a great weekend everyone! Take a look at the fans page on Facebook. It’s getting very close to a round number. I’m not telling you how to live your life, I’m just saying.

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  1. Scott says:

    Hey, cool golf bag – I think I saw a similar one carried by Monty’s caddy at the Masters – do you have another view so I can be sure?

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