Our Recent Amazon Arrival

Posted by Big Daddy Paul in Amy and Me

Today, we received two boxes from Amazon.  One box contained the book, The Daddy Shift:How Stay at Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms and Shared Parenting Are Transforming the American Family and the Sound of Music DVD.  The other box contained 3 business books.  I don’t know if there are any humans that work at Amazon, but if there are, they must be scratching their heads.  The business books were addressed to Amy, and the parenting book and shmaltzy DVD were sent to me!

2 responses to “Our Recent Amazon Arrival”

  1. honeypiehorse says:

    You guys are pioneering a new breed of book topics. Well done!

  2. GretchenA says:

    Shouldn't the Sound of Music DVD have been addressed to Malcolm? Or Paul, do you have a secret love of musicals?

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