Oh, It’s On Now!

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Here’s my new blog!  After a fight several months ago, Amy flipped me a $20 bill and told me to go buy myself something pretty.  I think she was trying to condescend as $20 is more money than I made all last year.  Of course, my first thought was to spend $10 on a huge, greasy double cheeseburger and the other $10 on a pretty new pair of sweatpants.  (That would show her!)  Upon further reflection, I decided instead, to upgrade my blog.  Sure the old blog was nice, with its standard templates and its flaccid score on the excitement scale.  I wanted to be proud of something, though.  My softball skills have eroded quite a bit, I haven’t ever won a fantasy football championship, and the only other objective measure of my success as a person (Malcolm’s development as a non-knife wielding human) isn’t going very well.  For all intents and purposes, I am a complete failure.

I needed something to jump start me into being a winner again.  So, I redesigned my blog.  You could say that this is chapter one of “How Paully Got His Groove Back.”  You could also say that Kevin Henney, a web designer did all the work redesigning the blog, but let him get his own groove back!)   This blog is my new precious, and I am going to cherish it.  You’ll see new kinds of posts.  You’ll also see better versions of the old kinds of posts.  Consider this your one stop shop for articles on food, parenting, goofy stories, children’s book reviews, movie/TV reviews, and weird pictures of squirrels.  Plus, I am going to start torturing myself and my family by going on weird diets!  So, stay tuned, the best is yet to come.  If you have an idea that you want me to comment on, let me know! If you don’t like me or what I do, let me know!  So, poke around a little bit and enjoy the new site.  I know I will!

P.S. Thanks Kevin.  Kevin, for those who don’t know him, is my number one fan.  How do I know this? He signed up for my facebook fan group first.  What number will you be?

8 responses to “Oh, It’s On Now!”

  1. brad says:

    I want to be a Top Commentator so….

  2. Amy says:

    Go Paul! I like you! (for now)

  3. Murray says:


  4. Laurie Pace says:

    bigdaddypaul.com is super sweet. Great job on the redesign.

  5. Jean says:

    I love the pictures at the top of your new site!

  6. Thanks for the new site love! Brad, the top commentator for the site gets a foot rub from me during the superbowl! Let me know where you want to watch the game.

    I think Jon may eventually take the title from you, although it will be hard to judge which of the two of you have the higher quality content. Duke it out boys!

  7. Matt says:

    Paul, hilarious as always. I like the new sit!

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