It's the End of the Summer, And I Know It. (I Feel Fine)

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I took Malcolm to his last soccer practice last week.  The coach never really came to understand how a three year old child’s mind works and had the enthusiasm of a hungover cop.  During the final practice, he had the kids try and scrimmage again, and when it didn’t work and he got tired of yelling at the kids, he gave up.  That’s right, after a grand total of ten minutes of “practice” time, he told the kids it was over, and then took them to the rec center and gave them ice cream bars.  They played foosball in the rec center after wolfing down the ice cream, and it was the most excitement the kids showed toward soccer for the entire summer. 

With his summer now winding down, I can reflect on what we have done and what the future holds.  This will forever be the summer that Malcolm got into baseball. We go to the park almost every day and he really enjoys playing the game.  He has even started to hit from both sides of the plate!  While I am a little sad that he won’t be the left handed middle reliever that every baseball minded dad wants out of his kid, at least I have the prospect of a switch hitting middle infielder.  Go Malkie! I don’t care if he is ever good at baseball, but the fact that he is excited by playing ball with me is enough (for now!).

Malcolm returns to preschool this week, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I now will get a break for four and a half hours a day. I could lie and say that it will probably mean that I can blog, exercise or bathe more regularly, but the reality of it all is that I will probably just use the time to research my fantasy football draft.  Sue me.

P.S. I am quite aware that the dad (or child abductor) pictured to the left has two kids, and we have but the one. This picture is supposed to be a metaphor for the winding down of our summer lives together.  Consider the second child to be a metaphor for just how much I like to each nachos.  Not the best metaphor you will ever see, but really, metaphors are a pretty lame rhetorical device, don’t ya think?

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2 responses to “It's the End of the Summer, And I Know It. (I Feel Fine)”

  1. Juddy says:

    I thought the kid on the left was a fish, and had no idea what your "two kids" crazy talk was about. Great entry, Paul, and perfectly sums up a busy summer for you. I'm not sure if there was a meth lab spill into Oakland's drinking water, or if you are on a Pixie Stix diet, but you've been blogging like mad lately (and, as usual, all great reading). So if you blog more during the extra time you'll have once Malcolm is in preschool, I'll be forced to cut off one of your fingers — probably an important one that types a lot of vowels.

  2. KC says:

    I thought the kid on the left was a big old fish too!

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