I Am Going to Be a Book Reviewer!

Posted by Big Daddy Paul in Book Reviews

6a00d8341ca3bb53ef00e54f63955a8833-800wi Don’t get too excited, it’s only on my blog, and it will only be read by you: Amy’s family and some of Amy’s friends at work.  There are a handful of people that I know who read the blog, but for some reason the majority of my friends don’t read this. They tell me that it is because they cannot read, and you know what? I believe them! My friends are not very intelligent.  Last week we spent an hour trying to figure out how to play poker without our poker chips instead of walking 5 minutes to the drug store to buy some more (at one point, we were going to use match sticks until someone realized that we could just keep going to the bar and getting new match sticks without telling anyone).

Anyways, I am going to start reviewing the books that we read to Malcolm.  I know what you are thinking, “Paul, tell us your thoughts about Dan Brown or Michael Pollen!”  The reality is that I read my books late at night after drinking wine and watching silly TV.  I couldn’t review a real book without it sounding like this: “Maybe it’s the pinot talking but this book was really sleepy!”  Plus, I read about three books a year.  I read books to Malcolm before hitting the booze (usually), so I should have a little more to say.  If you think the reviews are lame, let me know, and I will write twice as many!  It’s not as if you’re MY friends.

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