Happy Mother’s Day Nancy Schwartz!

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That’s my mom. She’s pretty cool. There a million reasons why she is awesome, but I fear that your attention spans are too small to handle anything more than 500 words. So, here are the 3 coolest things about my mom:

1. She can kick ass.

Whether it’s beating the snot out of a heavyweight boxing champ or cooking for 300 people at their church, my mom gets things done. She tackles challenges that would cause me to hide in my closet, and I wish more of her chutzpah would have rubbed off on me. If you are ever in Bakersfield and need someone to get things done, call her, she’ll deliver.

2. She’s a goof.

I love clowning around with my mom. She is a laugher, and very warm. I must have heard the phrase, “You’re full of beans!” 1,000 times growing up. She has a million friends all over the world, and that is because she takes the time to spread her cheer with everyone she ever meets. In many ways, she’s like a cheery fungus. Once she’s nice to you, she’ll never go away.

3. She was once cool.

I found this picture staggering. Everyone assumes that their parents are lame. That is, in fact, their job. When I saw this picture, I realized that she is cool, and that gave her so much street credibility that I thought she might start a rap career. You go, mom!

4. She is the best Grandma ever.

Apologies to all the other grandmas out there (including Jean, Malcolm’s other grandma) but this is my blog and I get to brag about my mom all I want. My mom is so patient with Malcolm that it boggles my mind. Malcolm adores her, and I can’t help but smile when I see them together. I could not ask for a better connection between my son and my mom.

Mom, thanks for being the cool, ass kicking, clowning around grandma that you are. I truly am lucky for having you in my life. Happy mother’s day!

8 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Nancy Schwartz!”

  1. Lori Mis says:

    You are right on all counts and then some! Your mom is the best! She is one of the most wonderful and inspiring women I have ever known. I love her and think about her (and your dad) so often. I remember spending the warmest holidays at your house and those are very special memories. Stuffing ourselves senseless with your mom’s fantastic cooking and then taking a long walk around the neighborhood in Carson City… and having the best talks! I really miss her. I don’t have an email address for her, but please wish her Happy Mother’s Day for me. She is awesome!

    PS…I still laugh when I think about your “frugal” dad…wrapping a few presents for the tree in “real Christmas paper” and then wrapping everything else in newspaper…because, well, why should you waste all that paper! LOL

    • Hi Lori! Mom is actually here right now and says thanks so much for nice comment. Why don’t you shoot me your email under the “Ask Bug Daddy Paul” button and I will send it to my mom, so you can get caught up! Thanks again!

  2. nancy schwartz aka:mom says:

    wow!! i’m humbled,appreciative,incredibly proud of you and amy (who is the best mother a grandchild can have!!!) THANK YOU!!!

  3. Debra says:

    Pity she didn’t teach you to count, or perhaps you just didn’t listen. Thank you Nancy for giving the world such a funny man

  4. Jean says:

    What an amazing tribute to a great lady! I am so lucky to now be in her extended family.

  5. Laurie says:

    Great stuff Paul. Love the picture of you and your mom doing the tango. Someone great had to have a hand in your humor and smashing good looks. Good job Nancy!

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