Do We Really Need That Many Cats On The Internet?

Posted by Big Daddy Paul in Miscellaneous Waste of Time

I am constantly looking for photos to include in my blog, so I do a lot of searches for images on Google. I have noticed that, despite whatever search terms I use, pictures of cats invariably come up. We have a cat, so it’s not like I am a dog loving, anti-catter. I just wonder why is it that so much of the internet is dedicated to the enjoyment of silly cat pictures.

Don’t think it’s a problem? While looking for pictures of “funny roast chicken”, I got this.

My search for “Jazz Hands” came up with a ton of cats, most of which looked like this:

Sadly, even my search for “absolutely nothing” returned this pearl:

I am not sure if Google is a dumb, cat obsessed computer, or if it is rather savvy and knows that people will click on cat pictures no matter what else they are doing. I do know that we are obsessed with the kitty pics, as there are even support groups on the internet for people who really enjoy looking at pictures of cats. Things have gotten so bad that a counter movement has started and 9/9/09 was designated as “Day Without Cats” day. And these are just the pictures. If you enjoy watching videos of cats, you can spend the next three years of your life watching the 965,000 cat videos on you tube. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with that, as my blog is not multi-media, yet.


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