Day 1 Of Processed Food-Free Living

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This is hard. After preparing for my fiasco Sunday by making some mayonnaise and some granola, I thought I would have a head of steam to get the week started. Boy was I wrong! Processed food has become such a fixture in our lives that trying to get out the matrix is nearly impossible. It’s like saying you want to go the beach, but only if you don’t get any sand in your crack or see big fat guys in speedos. I made some good decisions, but even my focused attack was penetrated by stuff made in some industrial “kitchen” somewhere. If I am going to do this successfully, I am going to have to step up my game.

Like my dreams of a secret rendezvous with Halle Berry, lunch was pretty good until I realized I was cheating. My stay at home dads group meets on Mondays, usually grilling up stuff at a local park. I had to decide what I could make that would be simple and good and came up with BBQ shrimp po-boys. I grilled up the shrimp and then added some lettuce and homemade cajun mayo to the bun and it came out pretty good. I didn’t realize until Amy laughed at me later that I totally screwed the pooch and ate a store-bought bun. Crikey! I also lapsed into a handful or two of potato chips, proving that regular habits die hard, even if you are trying to radically change things for yourself.

Dinner was leftover lamb gyros. On Sunday, (while still eating processed foods) they were super delicious. Having set aside the processed foods on Monday, however, I was unable to enjoy the pita bread, hummus or hot sauce that I so desperately wanted, so I was left with a sorry pile of soggy vegetables and day old meat. Not exactly enjoyable. Amongst the virtues that processed foods bring are excellent delivery systems (like pita bread) and flavor. Dinner was noticeably lacking in each.

This is how I felt after the one good thing that I ate that wasn't cheating

The meal was saved, though, by the coconut gelato I had made a few days before which still rocked the house. Considering how unsatisfying dinner was and my stomach was still grumbling, I ate a lot of it. At the very least, I am going to learn what it is like to constantly be hungry. Maybe I will lose enough weight to draw the attention of a certain Oscar winning actress…


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