Cheese Of The Week: Mont D’Or

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I am starting a new feature around here. It’s called the [blank] of the [blank]. There are certain things I’d like to share about stuff we do/eat/drink here and they may not fit into a whole blog post. So, I’ll write a little mini post about whatever it is and provide some background details as well as my experience. It’s like a review only more useless. So, without further ado, here is my first:

Cheese Of The Week!

Like fondue, in a spruced up pot!

So bubbly, so good.

This cheese is called Mont D’or and is only available during the winter months. It is made in the mountains near the border of France and Switzerland, from raw cow’s milk. Why raw cow, you ask? Have you ever had milk from a cooked cow? Totally gross. This cheese looks cool when you buy it. It comes in a spruce-lined thin wood container. Why spruce, you ask? One of the first cheese-makers thought the package a bit plain and ordered his staff to, ahem, spruce it up a bit. (HAHAHAHA, making cheese jokes is going to be easier than I thought!) The cheese has an orange rind and is runny enough to eat it with a spoon at room temperature. This may seem tempting to do, but please don’t. You’d be missing out on a true French cheese pleasure.

Following a recipe I found here, I sliced some garlic and jammed it down in the cheese, topped it off with some white wine and baked in the oven for half an hour. The result was ridiculous, and I recently enjoyed some with a crusty baguette with my parents. It was like fondue, and I fondon’t want to forget about it any time soon. It makes you think of that time you got back from a hard day of skiing and returned to your mountain cabin, stripped naked in front of the fire and made love on a bear skin rug, even if none of those things has ever happened to me you.

Words I would use to describe this cheese (as prepared):

Ooey. Gooey. Unctious. Deep. Hay-ee. Slightly Funky. Amazing.

Words I wouldn’t use to describe this cheese:

Hard. Mediterranean. Smells-Like-Lady-Business (Admittedly, though, there was actually some debate in our house as to whether or not this was true. I thought not, whilest others weren’t so convinced. Buyer beware.)

You may have a hard time finding this cheese outside France, owing to its un-pasteurized-ness, but if you do ever find it, grab some, get home and enjoy an experience that will actually make you glad it is winter.


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  1. nana says:

    YES!this amazing stuff was unbelievable!

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