Book Review: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood

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You’re never going to guess what this book is about.  Oh, wait, the title has a million words in it.  You just might figure out ahead of time what is going to happen here.  It doesn’t really matter because this book is awesome.  The illustrations in this book capture the emotions of the depicted subjects better than any other illustrations that I have ever seen, (and I read a lot of porn!)  Actually that is a joke.  I never, ever read porn.  Please tell Amy I wrote that.  Back to the book.  When the mouse is concerned, the mouse really looks concerned.  When the mouse is scared, he/she really looks scared.  This is great, because it shows kids the way that various feelings look.  This is important, as the only emotion that Malcolm gets to see on my face is anger.  This book broadens his horizons.

The book is a bit on the short side, but it is quite clever.  You can definitely stall by talking about what is going on in the pictures.  Or, if you really want to get back to your TV, you can read it quick and be done in a few minutes.  It is sweet, funny, and best of all it teaches kids that strawberries are yummy.  Best of all, it shows the world what a strawberry would look like if had a mustache and glasses.  Can’t get enough of that!  If you are worried about the big hungry bear in title, (Spoiler Alert!) in never shows up, so don’t sweat any cartoon violence.  There is none. Go buy it.

Grade: A+

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