Book Review: Some Smug Slug

Posted by Big Daddy Paul in Book Reviews

This book gives me the creeps.  The author thought it a good idea to have almost every word in the book begin with the letter “S”, and it gets old real quick.  In fact, it gets old on page 14, where the following lines can be read: “Saphead! snickered a skink as its sapphire tail swished.”  Not only is it clunky to read, its meaning is almost unintelligible to big people and little people alike. Some of the S words don’t even make any sense, like why is the stinkbug shivering or what does shantung mean? It aint easy being Dr. Seuss and this book is proof positive that alliteration alone won’t always accord author appreciation.

Every creature that comes into contact with the slug, which for some reason has shoulders even though slugs have no limbs, yells at the poor thing.  Undeterred, the slug marches onwards on its path, which (spoiler alert!) results in the slug being eaten by a giant toad.  I guess it could be a frog, but the animal depicted is squat and brown and I learned elsewhere that this means it is a toad and not a frog.  To confuse the reader even further, the author has hidden illustrations throughout the book, meaning the reader should be on the lookout for a skunk, a snake, a salamander and two snails spying on the slug.  Wait, in addition to all the other S words,  we have to look for “hidden S words?”  I got a S word for this book, and it rhymes with city.

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