Better Than The World Cup: Soccer At The Park With Malcolm

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People have kids for many reasons. Some people have kids because they feel a natural desire to reproduce, or need extra hands to pick crops in the fields. Others don’t really want kids, but receive a little bundle of joy as the reminder of a drunken hookup nine long months ago. Still others want to repopulate the earth with kids bearing their political affiliation and/or genetic markers. Not me.

I wanted to have a kid so I could play soccer. I am too old and too fat to go out and join a soccer league by myself, so I figured the easiest way for me to get back into the sport I played all throughout my childhood was to get Amy pregnant, somehow make it through the newborn and toddler phases, and then get to the point where the kid was old enough to want to run around on a soccer field with me. Sure, it’s not the easiest route to play “the beautiful game,” but then again, it’s no worse than having a healthy brood of kids for the sole purpose to revive the movement to reestablish nacho bars in school cafeterias.

Our neighbors got it right, they brought a nacho machine to a block party!

(I grew up on them, why can’t everyone else?!)

At the park today, Malcolm and I started up a game of soccer with some other kids and a fellow stay at home dad. I felt a certain sense of jubilation as we ran around pretending to be world cup stars and watching with pride as the kids passed the ball to each other and celebrated after scoring goals against us. I don’t really care whether Malcolm was any good (he wasn’t) but just the the fact that he was out there and having fun with me made me smile. ¬†All in all, not a bad day at the park, I burned some calories, scored a few goals, and fulfilled a lifelong dream. Now, bring on the nacho bar petition!


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