Best Junk Food Day For Kids?

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Sunday was beautiful. We had a Superbowl party and it was one of the few days in the year when I let my culinary hair down and give in to more primal food urges (the other days being march madness, baseball games and, of course, Wednesdays.) In honor of the football season coming to a close I made pulled pork with homemade barbecue sauce, buffalo wings and nachos. I downed two sandwiches, about four plates of nachos and enough chicken wings to choke a cobra. It was pure junk food bliss.

Malcolm also reaped the rewards of the day. I made chicken nuggets for the kids, and he also ate his weight in guacamole. For dessert, he had few cookies and some brownies. I told him he could have two, but I suspect he was secretly cramming brownies down his pie-hole while I was wrapped up betting on whether the next commercial was going to be beer, chips, cars or soda. (I should have guessed he was cheating when I caught him walking out of his closet with brown-stained teeth while giggling like a Japanese school girl.) It’s safe to say that both Malkie and I enjoyed the departure from our normal eating routines, and I thought that was going to be the apex of Malcolm’s junk food eating.

Until Monday morning. I started to feel a little ill on Sunday afternoon, but felt confident that the beer and canned cheese would keep any illness at bay. On Monday morning, the illness hit me with the force of a hurricane, keeping me confined to rolling around in misery on the couch. My negotiation with Malcolm over his dinner went as follows:

Malcolm, do you want leftover chicken nuggets or leftover soup?

I want a grilled cheese sandwich.

No, too much work. Nuggets or soup?

I’ve had chicken nuggets for three straight meals. I want something else.

No. Nuggets or soup, that’s it.

Of course, I didn't even think about vacation dining. Should we be feeding Malcolm valcanos to soothe him at night while away?

Luckily, Amy (even though she was feeling lousy as well) swooped in and heated up the soup. I probably would have just fed it to him cold and returned to the couch. That posed an interesting question, “What day does your kid eat the most shit on?” Superbowl sunday was epic. Sick days involve kids eating some weird stuff too. Birthday parties are non-stop pizza-and-cake-athons. What do you think? When do your kids eat the worst? Lemme know…

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