15 Years Of Memories

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15 years ago, on this very day, Amy and I got married. As you might guess, it has been a rather wild ride. I am writing this post as a love letter to my wife.

1.On my first day of work at Arthur Andersen, you threw a “Welcome to the job” party for me but forgot to invite me.

2. Our getting together story is awesome. Never before has headbutting (or getting head butted by) a drunken Irishman proved so valuable.

3. We moved in together essentially after the first date, joined checking accounts after a few weeks of living together, and we bought a car together at the end of the summer. (If Malcolm ever tries this, we will kick his ass.)

4. We used to ride to work together and fed each other handfuls of cereal in my Geo Metro while listening to the Cranberries. When we traded the GEO in, there were approximately 20 cereal boxes in the trunk.

5. We had a tiny apartment in the Marina. You made me peach chicken and tried to get me to jog with you. I showed you how weird a taco could taste. We had an orange corduroy couch and later returned all of our Christmas presents so that we could afford a new one.

I guess technically, all this happened before we got married, but it’s part of our story, so indulge me.

Paul Pics for 40th_00456. Our wedding week in Tahoe was awesome. I have yet to see a woman more beautiful than you in your wedding dress that day. An elderly African American woman crashed a lot of the pictures at the reception, though, so that was weird.

7. During our honeymoon in Costa Rica, our river rafting guide kept yelling at me to paddle and I was like, “Dude, I’m on my honeymoon. You need to chill the fuck out.” You waited several weeks to make fun of me for drinking white russians and crying to, “My Giant.”

8. In our sea-foam colored apartment in Davis, the guy in the hot tub asked if we were sisters.

9. You made law school a breeze by coming home on the weekend and forcing me to get my shit done early. Luckily, you made enough for us to eat at Dos Coyotes regularly.

10. You bought our first house before I saw it, and I bought our second home without you seeing it. In front of the first house, we found a dirty diaper with porn in it and caught the postal worker leaving trucker bombs in front of the second.

11. When I was an attorney and you worked at Oracle, we ate two bowls of cereal every night for dinner. One bowl was healthy (Honey Bunches of Oats) and the other was for dessert (Lucky Charms.)

12. On the beach in New Zealand, you told me I could be a stay at home dad. Our ATM card expired during the trip and we lasted 4 days on 15 dollars, even getting an innkeeper to do our laundry for us.

13. You gave birth to our little boy Malcolm and our lives have never been the same. It felt like Nora Jones was there with us and she would not stop singing the same damn songs over and over and over again. You did real good.

14. We are the only parents in Oakland that think their son’s baseball and soccer practices are as fun as the games.

15. Sometimes our anniversary celebrations involve dining at the Ritz Carlton or traveling to Turkey. Other times, they involve arguing with time share employees over why our credit scores are better than we said. Either way, memorable.

Thanks for 15 years of crazy, stupid love. I can’t imagine anyone better to share it with.


6 responses to “15 Years Of Memories”

  1. Tracy Weitz says:

    I may not cry at My Giant but I cried at reading this. Love you both.

  2. Regina says:

    Nothin’ better than a big dork head-over-heels in love!

  3. KC says:

    It seems cosmically unfair that we met you AFTER you got married. Happy anniversary lovely friends. Thanks for sharing your kooky freaky life with us.

  4. dayna says:

    A beautiful 15 years indeed! Love you both!

    (wait…KC was not at your wedding?! that seems odd)

  5. Annie says:

    I L♥ve this!!!!! You made me smile big time today Paulie!

  6. Audrey says:

    Paul, this is just wonderful! Congratulations and may you and Amy have another 115 years together!!!

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